Due to high demand, the Crisis Pivot Program is at 50% using the PROMO CODE: LEBANON2023

Due to many requests about THE CRISIS PIVOT PROGRAM, 50% discount if in Lebanon. PROMO CODE: LEBANON2023

Hi, I'm Christine Assouad

I'm a serial entrepreneur, coach, and mentor, and I've designed online courses to support you in your entrepreneurship journey!
Make sure to check out the Crisis Pivot Program to help you turn any crisis into an opportunity.

Are you ready?

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Upskilled 100+ entrepreneurs, who are also part of the Empowering Tribe!

Why this course?

Learn how to turn any crisis into an opportunity.
That's what you'll get out of this course. First, you learn how to take a step back from the dilemma to have a clearer view. Then, you will dig in and learn how make difficult decisions and lead effectively. Finally, you will learn to find the opportunities in the crisis to fly!

Use the promo code LEBANON2023 for a 50% discount

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Win a negotiation every single time!